Patti's Poetry

I'm not a huge poetry writer, but here's one I wrote some time ago. Maybe someday I'll submit it somewhere for possible publication, but for right now, it's yours to enjoy.




Today is the yesterday I will remember tomorrow.

Will I recall these bygone hours with regret?

Have I wasted them by bringing needless sorrow?

Have I behaved in ways I’d just as soon forget?


What kind of deeds and thoughts will I retain?

As I cross this bridge to the future from the past?

Did I take the time to ease another’s burdens or pain,

Did I create a special memory for another that will last?


Did I use this day to make a wish come true

For someone not as fortunate as I

Did I help rekindle a spark of hope or two

With a smile, a word, a wave, a sigh?


Did I hold my family close today

And tell them how much I treasure their love

And as I hurried along life’s busy way

Did I take the time to pause and praise the Lord above?


For each and every person I happened to see

Did I make them feel their specific worth

Did I reveal the compassionate side of me

To the poor and friendless of this earth?


Did I make my heart an open door

To those who needed my comfort

Or did I turn my back again, once more

On the lonely, the lost, the scared, the hurt?


Did I breathe a grateful sigh of relief

When that person who talks too much

Made their visit clearly brief

Or did I beg them, “stay”, as I offered a simple touch


Did I temper my words with my heart or with my head

To my beliefs and principles did I remain true

Or was there tactless hurt in what I said

To those I know and those I don’t, to friends both old and new.


Did I manage my actions according to God’s perfect laws

Did I remember that I am here not for gain, but to serve

Or did I judge others by their weaknesses and flaws

Giving them the attention only I think they deserve


When the sun sinks low and today fades into history

As I count my accomplishments, will I be glad

Knowing the world is a better place because of me

Or will I lament the things I didn’t do that I surely wish I had.