Step Into The Light Radio Show

An Interview format show where guests will share the ways in which God’s love and grace has touched their lives. We all experience dark times at some point, and these testimonies will help listeners strengthen their faith and reach out toward the light that radiates from a God who cares, who heals and who loves us unconditionally.

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Episode #123 - Featuring Dr. Deb Waterbury

If we trust God, why do we have such a problem entrusting Him with our children? Why do we feel the guilt for our kids when they make poor choices? Do moms and dads love their children differently? Learn the answers to these questions and much more from Dr. Deb Waterbury, author of We Are Mother Abraham.

Episode #122 - Featuring Jean Alfieri

During this stressful time of COVID-19 with all of its restrictions and frustrations, children's author Jean Alfieri gives us a glimpse into the world of pets and how they can bring such joy to our lives. Jean is the author of the Zuggy the Pug series which delights children as well as the young at heart. LISTEN FOR THE SPECIAL GIVING OPPORTUNITY TO THE PIKES PEAK HUMANE SOCIETY THROUGH THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!

Episode #121 - Featuring Susan Neal

Why does the United States have a higher mortality rate from COVID-19 than other developed countries? An author, Registered Nurse, and Christian Health Counselor, Susan U. Neal explains ways we can build a healthy immune system to fight this deadly virus. Susan shares her own personal experience with poor health and lessons she learned.

Episode #120 - Featuring Jo Massaro

Jo Massaro is an author and speaker with an incredible vision for readers throughout the world. Founder of the Yahweh Sisterhood Book Club, Jo shares one of the steps she is taking to fulfill her dream in observance of National Reading Month. Learn about her unique book, The Book Lover's Companion and how you can win a copy.

Episode #119 - Featuring Marlene Bagnull

Marlene discusses the circumstances surrounding her book #MyFamilyToo! How Our Family Coped with Childhood Sexual Abuse. Marlene shares how this issue affected her life and the life of her family when her stepsister, abused by her stepfather, came to live with Marlene and her family. NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG LISTENERS WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION

Episode #118 - Featuring Cindy Carmichael

Cindy Carmichael became a commissioned pastor and was commissioned by the Pueblo Presbytery in July 2020. She, along with two other ladies, founded Christian Women’s Fight Club in the summer of 2015. In 2018 she and her husband, Chas. Carmichael, also a Commissioned Pastor, co-founded Greenhorn Ministries. Cindy's ministry passion is to give working women and families ways to worship.and be in the present moment.

Episode #117 - Featuring Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson has lived life with the Lord and with his wife for over 45 years. Tom has been instrumental in starting a church as well as a successful homeless ministry and has worked in prison ministry. He is the author of the transliteration work entitled Ephesians and All That Jazz: Tom reaches people on all spiritual levels through his writing using his insight based on his study of scripture, lessons learned through life experience, and just the right amount of humor.

Episode #116 - Featuring Debora Coty

STEP INTO THE LIGHT RETURNS Tuesday, September 1st with author, columnist, and speaker Debora Coty. Debora is the author of the Too Blessed to be Stressed series. Debora talks about what stress really is, who it can overwhelm us, and ways to relieve it so we can live a fulfilling life surrounded by God's peace.

Episode #115 - Featuring Alexis Goring

Devotional writers have a special gift that allows them to interpret everyday occurrences with spiritual insight. Author and journalist Alexis Goring shares her journey of devotional writing and the ways God has spoken to her. Alexis recently published her first full-length devotional, Stories and Songs of Faith: My Journey with God. Alexis chats about some of her life experiences that have enriched her spiritual life.

Episode #114 - Featuring Shannon Perry

Shannon Perry is an author, speaker, recording artist, and television show host. Named favorite speaker by numerous womens conferences and groups, Shannon uses humor and candor to deliver a message that empowers women to overcome the challenges they face in daily life. Many of these challenges are common to women everywhere. Shannon puts those obstacles in perspective and shares ways to overcome them, emphasizing they are loved and valued by God.

Episode #113 - Featuring Jean Ann Williams

Suicide is one of the most devastating tragedies a family can experience in America today, and there are way too many occurrences. Author Jean Ann Williams shares her account of the loss of her son to suicide and how she has used and plans to use this tragic event for God's glory. Jean Ann shares with listeners about her writing career and her son's suicide on a deep and transparent level.

Episode #112 - Featuring Dr. Jeff Brodsky

Dr. Jeff Brodsky employs a unique and amazing way to bring awareness all over the world of the cause he fights for with a deeply intense passion. Dr. Brodsky is the founder and president of JOY International, an organization "dedicated to the rescue, restoration, and reintegration of children, teens, and young women affected by trafficking and the prevention of child trafficking worldwide."

Episode #111 - Featuring Chas Carmichael

Pastor Chas Carmichael shares his thoughts on several topics, including his journey from a path of destruction to becoming a follower of Jesus, steps the church needs to take to present itself as a welcoming and inviting body for all, his experiences with youth ministry, his involvement with the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA), and ways we can manifest our Christian walk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode #110 - Featuring Patti Shene

Sorry to be a day late! This episode will air on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8TH AT 8:00 A.M. Join me as I share thoughts on hope and a few words of prayer related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode #109 - Featuring Patti Shene

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your lifestyle? How are you protecting your family? How are you dealing with your anxiety? How are you meeting your social, emotional, and spiritual needs? Patti chats with three guests from different areas of the country.

Episode #108 - Featuring Patti Shene

Each and every one of us is affected in some manner by the pandemic COVID-19 virus. Share how it has impacted your life socially, spiritually, economically. What changes have you made to keep yourself and your family safe? What kind of inspiration do you rely on to stay positive? How are you keeping in touch with your faith communities, entertaining the children, reaching out to family and friends? Call (646) 564-9712 to join the conversation or just listen! LET'S TALK!

Episode #107 - Featuring Patti Shene

This call-in podcast addresses concerns surrounding COVID-19. During this time of pandemic, let us remember that our faith is stronger than our fear. Since this show has already aired, call-in feature is no longer available.

Episode #106 - Featuring Steve Taylor

Guest author Steve Taylor is a most extraordinary man who has a fascinating story to share of how God transformed him from Pennsylvania steel worker to middle east missionary Steve overcame his fears, strengthened his faith, and encountered success and failure through this ministry. He opens his heart about how God touched his life in amazing ways before, during, and after his missionary service.

Episode #105 - Featuring Sylvia Hornback

Abuse and abandonment are far too common in today's society. In her novel, Jeanne, author Sylvia Hornback explores the issues these victims face against the backdrop of a World War II setting. She discusses why she chose this time period, how her background in education and work with battered women contributed to the writing of Jeanne, and what she learned about the strong faith that has brought these victims through the most difficult of times.

Episode #104 - Featuring Harrison (Mac) McCune

As we move into a new year and a new decade, nonagenarian pastor Harrison (Mac) McCune shares how we can most effectively put our fears for the future to rest and the most important activity we need to embrace to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Episode #103 - Featuring Kathy McKinsey

As we celebrate Christmas with its hustle and bustle, its merriment and joy, we need to take a few minutes to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Our God is an amazing God, and even though He sometimes throws difficult circumstances into our lives, we often learn that the adversity we face leads us to places we never would have explored otherwise.

Episode #102 - Featuring George Mains

It is often difficult to think about death, especially our own. Many of us spend our entire lives with the fear lurking in the background of what our final destination will be after our life is over. Questions arise during our faith journey as to whether we are deserving enough to reside forever with our Heavenly Father.

Episode #101 - Featuring Katherine Norland

Poetry is a unique form of creative expression that claims its own distinctive style. Its rhythm is not only pleasing to the ear, but within its lines, one finds a deep intensity of emotion, sometimes communicated through a veneer of humor, other times layered in heartfelt experiences of joy or sadness. Poetry reaches to the soul of the reader in a manner that prose often times cannot simply by the beauty found within the flow of the words.

Episode #100 - Featuring Multiple Guests

STEP INTO THE LIGHT is airing it's 100th episode. Never listened to Step Into the Light? This is the episode for you! Patti presents snippets of archived broadcasts that will provide an overview of the subjects discussed on this podcast. Words of encouragement from a wide variety of guests will lead you out of the dark shadows of life and back to light!

Episode #99 - Featuring Becky Van Vleet

Education has developed throughout American history, from the passing of the first compulsory education laws to a wide range of modern day options. Parents are responsible to determine which educational choice will most adequately meet their child’s needs. Whatever educational venue they select, parents can contribute much to this acquisition of information and formation of ideas. The preservation of family memories and traditions is a vital element of this learning process.

Episode #98 - Featuring Evelyn Leite

Addiction casts shadows over all family members that dominate the way they think, feel and perceive themselves and interact with others throughout a lifetime. Children raised in such an environment can develop low self-esteem, distrust, attention seeking behaviors, cynicism, intolerance and hopelessness. However, with proper guidance, the dysfunctional family can be restored to optimum health and healing for all family members.

Episode #97 - Featuring Michele Chynoweth

Is the Bible outdated, or do many of the characters and circumstances we read about in the Old and New Testaments parallel the experiences we face today, both as individuals and as a society? Biblical fiction authors have a unique gift for taking those Bible stories of old and transporting them into modern day. As masters of the craft, hey show us that, although customs and cultural norms may have changed over the centuries, our God is the same loving, caring, faithful God now as He was then.

Episode #96 - Featuring Jamere Brown Spencer

When the Lord asked King Solomon what he should bestow on him, Solomon asked for wisdom. Yet, various Bible translations record Solomon’s answer as “an understanding heart” or a “discerning mind.” What is the definition of wisdom? What role does wisdom play in the church today, and how important is it to our daily lives?

Episode #95 - Featuring Tammy Kennington

There are few who can claim they were raised in a perfect home environment. Although most of us have at least some pleasant childhood memories, almost all of us experienced adverse events and circumstances that haunt us later in life. Extreme negative influences, such as addiction, abuse, and poor parenting can mar our perception of the world, our behavior within society, and our relationships long after we move into adulthood.

Episode #94 - Featuring MK Hope

Have you ever had the desire to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing a book or painting a picture for display at a local craft show, traveling to a foreign country or changing your career path. What is preventing you from pursuing those lofty goals? Are there just too many obstacles in the way? Those unexpected alternate paths do not have to result in defeat and failure.

Episode #93 - Featuring Pete Charette

The Bible shows us time and time again that God can use anyone, from anywhere, to accomplish anything. These Bible stories are fascinating, and it is truly amazing that thousands of years later, He continues to call those we may least expect into His service. No matter our difficult childhood experiences, poor choices, or failure to see our own strengths, God empowers us with the resources and the ability to further His kingdom

Episode #92 - Featuring Glynis Becker

Everyone loves a good story, whether told by word of mouth, conveyed through the pages of a book, or acted out on the movie or TV screen. Writers come from all different backgrounds and experiences. Some seem to be born with a love of crafting words on paper from the time they are young, while others develop a desire to share a message later on in life. Glynnis Becker, shares her thoughts and ideas and inspires others through devotional writing, novel writing, and screenwriting.

Episode #91 - Featuring Tom Donnan

Some people tend to slow down after their children are grown and out of the house, take it easy, and let life go by quietly. Others see this time in their lives as an opportunity to explore the world around them, seek adventure, and achieve goals they may never have considered in their younger years. Tom Donnan, is one such person. Tom has authored three non-fiction and two fiction books. His goal is to help bring people into a relationship with God and experience Him.

Episode #90 - Featuring Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Historical romance touches the soul of readers in its own unique manner. It centers around real or make-believe characters and real or fictional places of the past, but the joys, laughter, trials, and heartbreaks found on the pages parallel those of our own real life experiences. While providing relaxing entertainment, Christian historical fiction can put us in touch with our roots, demonstrate God’s sovereignty throughout history, and deepen our faith.

Episode #89 - Featuring Kim Tisor

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer changes the life of every person it affects and impacts families as well. Kim Tisor, breast cancer survivor and former host of the KTLF morning radio show, Sonrise, returns to share the new opportunities God has brought into her life and how her diagnosis has changed her. Kim is the author of Joy Is Contagious...Cancer Isn't: 12 Women Share How Faith Shaped Their Breast Cancer Journey.

Episode #88 - Featuring Dana Goodrum

Mistakes, bad decisions, and wrong turns along life’s path can leave us mired in the mud of regret and remorse, sinking deeper into despair by the millstones of shame and guilt. The memory of our past sins mars our present and separates us from a future that fulfills God’s purposes. How can we break the chains of contempt our past transgressions place on our conscience and live free in the knowledge of God’s grace, love and forgiveness?

Episode #87 - Featuring Karen Budzinski

Children are the greatest blessing, yet pose the most difficult challenges a parent will ever face. it takes a great deal of effort to nurture a child from the cradle to the college dorm and beyond. How do we begin to tackle this monumental task, shaping our children into productive contributors to society who know their value as members of the body of Christ?

Episode #86 - Featuring Jodie Wolfe

Bitterness is an emotion that can steal our joy and leave us trapped in an abyss of darkness. It hinders our relationships, isolating our hearts from the ability to give or accept love, and separating us from God. Bitterness can stem from many different sources, whether it be a loss, unmet expectations, or circumstances that lead us to believe everyone is against us.

Episode #85 - Featuring Preston Condra

It is becoming increasingly difficult to share the gospel in our politically correct society. Perhaps most intimidating is defending and discussing our Christian beliefs with those we know the best, whether neighbors, friends, or family members. We bear the burden of self-consciousness and fear objections in our awkward and often aggressive attempt to introduce others to the light of God’s saving grace.

Episode #84 - Featuring Elena Torsiello

The diagnosis of a chronic disease affects every facet of a person’s daily lifestyle, including relationships with family, friends, self-image, and emotional and spiritual well-being. Sometimes, a diagnosis can take years, and during that period of waiting, the patient struggles with unexplained symptoms that cause pain, uncertainty, and frustration. The diagnosis itself can generate resentment, fear, and hopelessness.

Episode #83 - Featuring Alexis Goring

Every writer has a motivation for honing and perfecting the craft, ranging from financial gain to a passion for reaching others with a message conveyed through the written word. Christian writers often feel a tug at the heart that can’t be ignored to spread the word of Jesus Christ, whether it be in an overt manner through inspirational work such as devotionals and articles in Christian magazines, or with a subtler theme expressed in fictional settings.

Episode #82 - Featuring Paula Moldenhauer

Jesus teaches us to “Love our neighbor” and “love our enemies.” Forgiveness can be difficult, especially when our neighbor lives within a different culture from our own and our enemy has heaped atrocities on our nation that can never be forgotten. Peace and understanding can be achieved through the efforts of one person at a time, willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to reach out with a forgiving and compassionate heart, to recognized that Jesus loves all peoples.

Episode #81 - Featuring Sara Foust

Sara Foust is an award-winning author of inspirational romantic suspense. This spring, she left her husband and five children on their mini-farm in East Tennessee to join a mission trip to the Philippines. She found herself thrust into surroundings and a culture quite different from our own. Challenged to step far out of her comfort zone, she describes the adventure as an amazing, life-changing trip.

Episode #80 - Featuring Lorry Lutz

We are all called to fulfill God’s purpose in one way or another. Our mission as Christians is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some people demonstrate the courage, the energy, and the faith to serve in such a manner as to make an impact on the injustices that society imposes on certain groups within our society.

Episode #79 - Featuring Dee Lundgren

Loss comes in many forms, from death of a loved one to employment termination and circumstances in between. Every loss often brings with it unwelcome change to our daily lives and leaves open wounds on the hearts of those who experience it. How do we begin this journey from the dark times of sadness and grief to the light of healing and happiness?

Episode #78 - Featuring Janyne McConnaughey

Janyne McConnaughey, PhD, an educator for 40 years, reveals what she learned about childhood trauma through the revelation of her own shocking story when prompted to seek professional help through therapy. Janyne chronicles her journey to emotional and psychological healing in her book, Brave: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma.

Episode #77 - Featuring Elton Streyle & Ali & Noah Booth

Prayer is a vital part of the Christian life. It is a way to show our praise to God and a means by which we communicate our deepest thoughts in order to enter into relationship with Him. What steps do we need to take to develop an active prayer life that enables us to offer personal and powerful prayers to our creator? Elton Streyle and his two grandchildren, Ali and Noah Booth, have created the Time With Our Creator blog, which helps answer that very question.

Episode #76 - Featuring Karen Jurgens

Christ died on the cross to atone for our sins. Never has anyone endured such intense undeserved punishment and paid such a high price for the sake of others as He did. Sin is a messy business, and when it impacts the innocent, we still have to live through the consequences of someone else's evil actions. How do we do that without allowing anger and bitterness to take root in our lives? Can we relinquish our desire for revenge into God's hands and let Him deal out justice.

Episode #75 - Featuring Ada Brownell

Easter is the most significant time of year for believers in the Christian faith, when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. This Lenten and Easter season provides a wonderful opportunity to tell others why we live in the secure knowledge that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, we have a glorious future in eternity. Author Ada Brownell explain the reasons she finds the Easter season to be the most joyous time of year.

Episode #74 - Featuring Linda Fergerson

When we think about the Lenten season and the approach of Easter, it often takes us back to thoughts of what life was like for the people who lived in the first century. What kind of freedoms did they have? Were those who followed the Messiah Yeshua, in danger for proclaiming their faith? Was there discord between family members who found a new faith in Jesus Christ and those who maintained their loyalty to the Orthodox beliefs?

Episode #73 - Featuring Paula Moldenhauer

We are entering the beginning of Lent, the forty days prior to Easter Sunday. This is the season when Christians are called to reflect on the passion of our Lord on the cross, His resurrection, and the hope we have in Him. Easter Sunday holds the promise of a new beginning. When we accept Him and the sacrifice He made for us, we develop a special bond with Christ that is often difficult to define, and freedom from all that prevents us from fulfilling our purpose in life.

Episode #72 - Featuring H L (Harry) Wegley

Author H L Wegley draws on a rich store of experience and knowledge of Christian apologetics to craft political thrillers that convey a poignant message. His novels are brimming with action-packed adventure, thrilling suspense, a little romance, and glimpses of a fictional future America that could become all too real.

Episode #71 - Featuring Reverend Charles Kelly

Do we as Christians know our mission as members of our respective churches and as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ? What are pastors taught about mission? What does mission look like, has it changed over the years, and how do we effectively carry it out?

Episode #70 - Featuring Dan Manningham

What are your goals for 2018? Do you plan to travel the same old flat path, or are you looking for challenges that take you to the peaks of mountains? In his book, I Can Stand on Mountains, author Dan Manningham offers encouragement and challenge toward a better life grounded in man's relationship with God.

Episode #69 - Featuring Derek (DJ) Williams

Only a few days remain between now and Christmas Day, a holiday celebrated in the United States with oftentimes too much food, extravagant spending, and festive parties. This is not a time when we want to even allow a thought to enter our head about the dark places of the world, where hunger, terror, and unspeakable exploitation are the daily norm.

Episode #68 - Featuring Esther Lovejoy

We have entered into the Advent and Christmas season, when our hearts are filled with joy, peace, and love. Well, they’re supposed to be anyway. But what if they’re not? What if we are dealing with physical pain, illness, financial burdens, marital problems, loss of a loved one, or any number of other circumstances that encompass human suffering and overshadow the festiveness of the season? Is there anything good about suffering?

Episode #67 - Featuring Katie Cruice Smith

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Adoption, which used to carry a stigma and an atmosphere of secrecy, has changed in many ways over the years. What are the pros and cons of adoption? What are the steps prospective adoptive parents should take? What is the purpose and function of the foster care system? Should the church play a role in the lives of adoptive families?

Episode #66 - Featuring Zarinah Lomax

Evangelism takes many forms. It can be as subtle as offering to give thanks before a meal with friends and family, or as bold as sharing our own testimony in front of an auditorium of thousands. Those who hear the stirring words of the evangelistic speaker often perceive him or her as a person whose life was blessed with an extraordinary relationship with the Lord, and because of that bond, never encountered hardship or faced adversity.

Episode #65 - Featuring Jeff Walton

What does eternity mean to you? Is there such a thing, or does our existence cease at our death? Does our behavior here on earth determine our destination in heaven or hell, or are such places even real? Is there any truth to the stories told of near death experiences? Is science attempting to refute that there is a God, or do science and theology compliment each other?

Episode #64 - Featuring Darcie Gudger

Author Darcie Gudger shares what she has learned about the effect of bullying and the devastating effect of human trafficking on our youth and the reasons why she chose to address these topics in her Guarded series books, Spin and Toss.

Episode #63 - Featuring Toni Campbell

Attendance in America’s churches is dwindling rapidly. Yet, the need to spread the gospel continues to be paramount. How can we as Christians move from behind the four walls of our church buildings to interact in our communities and meet the spiritual needs of our neighbors without coming across as forceful and preachy? Should outreach efforts target only those with physical needs, or should they seek to build relationships with all members of the community?

Episode #62 - Featuring Louise L. Looney

As a widow, Louise Looney started her writing career at age 79, and has since written five books. Her first book was chosen as the Best Book on Christian Living, 2011. Louise is a sought-after speaker and was a key-note speaker at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference this spring. There, she was chosen as the “Writer of the Year.”

Episode #61 - Featuring Chaplain Bob Ossler

Bob shares his experiences as a volunteer chaplain at Ground Zero right after the attacks on 9/11. Chaplain Bob spent 40 days on what was known as the pile, the perimeter, and at St Paul’s Chapel, ministering to victims’ families, firefighters, police officers, and other volunteers.

Episode #60 - Featuring Lisa Radcliff

This week's show features speaker, writer, and Bible teacher Lisa Radcliff

Episode #59 - Featuring John Tindall

John A. Tindall is a PTSD Peacemaker in Loveland, Colorado. He spoke about the symptoms and effects of PTSD and the program he has created of PTSD transformation that aids veterans and their families in leading healthy and happy lives.

Episode #58 - Featuring Kim Tizor

Kim Tisor is the Morning Show host for KTLF, a Christian, listener-supported radio station based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Kim spreads joy and inspiration to listeners on Sonrise with Christian music by well-known contemporary artists and personal thoughts about her walk with the Lord. KIm shared her faith journey and the recent challenge that has strengthened her relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Episode #57 - Featuring Christopher Glotzbach

Christopher is a campus missionary for Reliant and his local church, The Revolution, at Ball State University. A recent graduate of Ball State with a major in journalism and telecommunications, Christopher is passionate about connecting with people and building community. Christopher shared ways his church is helping young people on fire for Jesus Christ spread the gospel on college campuses and beyond.

Episode #56 - Featuring Eric Sprinkle

Author, speaker, and adventurer Eric Sprinkle is the founder of Adventure Experience. Eric has traveled the world and spanned the adventure spectrum from summiting active volcanoes in New Zealand to kayaking among glaciers in Alaska. Eric believes that adventure can put us back in touch with the meaning of life, revitalize our purpose at work, and enhance our relationships,

Episode #55 - Featuring Evelyn Leite

Author and counselor Evelyn Leite is founder of LDOiving with Solutions and A Center for Training and Restoration. Evelyn is highly regarded for her seminars in multicultural counseling and education. A multi-published author, her books are written to help people understand the disease of alcoholism and co-dependency. Her latest work is Women: What Do We Want?

Episode #54 - Featuring Scoti Domeij

Scoti Domeij is mom to Army Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Kristoffer Domeij, the most deployed soldier in the war on terror to be killed in action. She knows firsthand the significance of Memorial Day. Scoti knows her way around the writing and publishing world and is acquisitions editor for Blackside Publishing.

Episode #53 - Featuring Dr. Gordon Penfold

Dr. Gordon Penfold serves as the executive director of Fresh Start Ministries that assists plateaued, declining, and conflicted churches. He also is the co-founder of Turnaround Pastor, Inc. and is the Second Vice President of the Great Commission Research Network, which is dedicated to understanding effective Great Commission ministry practices and the extension of those ministry practices worldwide.

Episode #52 - Featuring Abby Banks

Abby Banks shared the story of her then seven-month old son, Wyatt, diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that left him paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Abby is a mom turned author and special needs advocate. Her book, Love Him Anyway, chronicles the heartbreak and hope of a family forced into the fray of a fight they never expected to encounter.

Episode #51 - Featuring Rebecca Carey Lyles

Rebecca Carey Lyles grew up in Wyoming, the setting for her award-winning Kate Neilson novels. Rebecca has a heart for those imprisoned in various forms, and her books often center around that theme. She also loves to mentor writers to hone their craft.

Episode #50 - Featuring Michelle Lazurek

Michelle is the author of An Invitation to the Table: Embracing the Gift of Hospitality. She shared what this characteristic really means, what the Bible says about it, and how we can all practice it more effectively. Michelle shared some very personal experiences that led to her deeper understanding of hospitality.

Episode #49 - Featuring Ken West

Ken serves as Chaplain and Interim Director at Arkansas Valley Hospice and pastors Crowley Community Baptist Church in Ordway, Colorado. Ken shared his insight and experience into how we handle grief and the impact it can have on our lives.

Episode #48 - Featuring Rob Cook

ob Cook is the Founder and Executive Director of 252Underground Youth Ministry, located in the Philadelphia area. For the past twenty years, Rob has been showing teens that there is more to life than young people think. His attitude of acceptance and understanding lays the groundwork for hearts to open to the love of Jesus and biblical truth. Rob is the author of controversial teen devotionals Regener8 and Illumin8.

Episode #47 - Featuring Chimene Dupler

Chinene Shipley Dupler, is a well-respected speaker on marriage and parenting, as well as the Founder and President/CEO of Pink Polka Dot Productions and the Passion4Moms ministry. Chimene’s soon to be released book, The High Calling of Motherhood, addresses the spiritual and emotional aspects of this esteemed responsibility God has entrusted to women.

Episode #46 - Featuring Edie Melson

Edie Melson is a leading professional within the publishing industry and an expert in social media. Her ebook, Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for Writers, is a best-seller Edie shared tips about building a social media presence and appropriate ways to navigate through the flurry of opinion and negativity dominating today’s social media community.

Episode #45 - Featuring Julie Arduini

Julie Arduini is the author of the Surrendering Time series, a trilogy of Christian contemporary romance novels set in the Adirondacks of New York State. Julie shared the reasons why surrender has been a struggle for her, ways she learned to surrender her insecurities to God, and how listeners can reap the rewards of a satisfying life through surrender.

Episode #44 - Featuring Dianne Butts

Author Dianne Butts has written six books, including 3 in the “Prophecies Fulfilled” series. Dianne shared ways she spreads the word of God through her writing, blogging, and membership in the Christian Motorcylists Association. Diane discussed Bible prophecy and the implications in today’s world.

Episode #43 - Featuring Amy Deardon

Originally a PhD scientist, Amy Deardon now pursues a career as an award-winning author, publisher, and budding online entrepreneur. Amy shared her amazing story of how she came to faith through studying the historic circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus.

Episode #42 - Featuring Linda Evans Shepherd

Multi-published author Linda Evans Shepherd’s latest book, Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles: Living Empowered by the Armor of God, addresses spiritual warfare. Linda will share strategies to fight and win against the forces that keep us from living the full and intentional life God has planned for us.

Episode #41 - Featuring Cheri Swalwell

Cheri Swalwell, author of the Spoken From the Heart series, offered tips on how to embrace the challenges of life as opportunities for a closer relationship and deeper understanding of our God, who loves His children enough to want only the best for us! Cheri shared ways she has overcome fear with faith and challenged adversity as a God-given adventure.

Episode #40 - Featuring Jenna Victoria

Jenna Victoria has just released her debut novella, War of the Heart (A Snow Globe Christmas). Jenna shared her writing journey and how God’s gifts of hope and peace have enabled her to persevere through the challenge of metastatic breast cancer.

Episode #39 - Featuring Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher, is employed with Arkansas Valley Hospice in Southeastern Colorado as Family Services Coordinator. He discussed the mission of Hospice and the meaning of palliative care. Mark outlined steps in the grieving process and shared ways to deal with grief and loss, especially during the holiday season.

Episode #38 - Featuring Tiffany Amber Stockton

Multi-published author Tiffany Amber Stockton shared how God directed her to launch the writing career she never planned for, the stumbling blocks and rewards she encountered along the way, and much more about the writing life. Tiffany also discussed Nerium International anti-aging products, which she promotes through her home-based business, Eagle Enterprises.

Episode #37 - Featuring Richard Estep

Richard has been actively involved with Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child for several years, currently serving as network coordinator in SE Colorado. Richard provided valuable information about the project and shared stories of his experiences at end point distribution sites.

Episode #36 - Featuring Angela Hatton

Veteran Angela Hatton embarked on a solo cross-country trek to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in veterans. Angela shared many facets of her endeavor, how has she involved veterans in her walk, and how we as fellow Americans help veterans overcome their struggles.

Episode #35 - Featuring Jean Sykes

Jean taught business and financial management in SE Colorado for 32 years and is current owner of Crossroads Homemade Goodness Catering. Jean is a Bent County Commissioner candidate. She shared the responsibilities of candidates and voters, and how our faith plays a major part in our decisions.

Episode #34 - Featuring Bonnie Hoffman

Retired music teacher Bonnie Hoffman finds joy in using music as a form of worship. Despite her unfailing dedication and love for the Lord, she has experienced loss, heartbreak, and frustration, resulting in anger at God. Bonnie shared how God reveals Himself through music and her inspiring story of how He brought her from times of despair and discouragement back to the light of His love.

Episode #33 - Featuring Bob Fowler

Runner Bob Fowler, struck down by “sudden cardiac death” in 2013, experienced clinical death for well over twenty minutes. A series of circumstances and the hand of God have enabled him to return to his employment and to the sport of running. Bob shared his amazing story and what he has learned about himself, his relationship to others, and his connection with God.

Episode #32 - Featuring Tanya Eavenson

Tanya is an inspirational romance author whose world was shattered when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Her passion is to share Christ with others and talk about how trusting in God to direct her path takes faith. Tanya shared her journey as a writer and as a child of God and what she learned about His faithfulness during a time of adversity and uncertainty.

Episode #31 - Featuring Tracy Wainwright

Multi-published author and women’s conference director Tracy Wainwright shared how our thoughts influence us on a daily basis and much more about living a transformed life. Tracy also shared ways she spreads the good news of the gospel through her writing, speaking, and ministry activities, and gave listeners a preview of her upcoming series on transforming your life.

Episode #30 - Featuring Glenn Haggerty

A former businessman forced out of his career due to complications of glaucoma, Glenn is now a lay minister with a Master of Divinity degree from Bethel University. He combines his love of spreading God’s word with his passion for writing inspirational fiction with an edge for young people ages 10-14. Glenn’s debut novel, Run, is now available, the first in his Intense series.

Episode #29 - Featuring Dorris Walker

Dorris is the Event Coordinator for Thistle Farms, a community of women in Nashville who have survived abuse, trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Dorris spoke about the community’s therapeutic power manifested through the belief that “Love Heals” and discusses their societal enterprises, including their global market.

Episode #28 - Featuring Terry Whalin

Acquisitions editor and former literary agent Terry Whalin shared many of the tips he has learned during his extensive career in the writing and publishing field. Terry also gave us a glimpse into some of his own personal struggles he faced during his career journey.

Episode #27 - Featuring Caryn and Peter Boddie

Husband and wife Caryn and Peter Boddie revealed not only some of the amazing facts and buried secrets they uncovered about Colorado history and the skiing industry, but why this project led them out of a dark time and became a blessing in their lives.

Episode #26 - Featuring Steve Garufi

Steve Garufi fulfilled his desire to bicycle across America on a forty-five day journey from California to Georgia. Steve discussed basic facts about undertaking such am arduous journey, and what he learned along the way about himself and his relationship with God. Listeners will enjoy Steve’s inspirational message and words of encouragement for pursuing their own dream.

Episode #25 - Featuring Juan Saucedo

Juan is a recovering drug addict celebrating two years of sobriety. Juan talked about his journey from desperation as a hard core addict to hope and healing through support of others and the power of God’s love.

Episode #24 - Featuring Lynae Herdman

Lynnae Herdman and her husband are credentialed and licensed with Open Ministry by L. Hoffmire, Chaplain. Lynnae shared the heartbreak she has experienced after an inappropriate relationship with a pastor she trusted, the strength she has gained from her husband's unfailing support, and the healing grace of God's unconditional love.

Episode #23 - Featuring Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr.

Dr. Harold is a social and organizational psychologist, founder of Pursuit of Influence, and author of Second Shift: How to Grow Your Part-Time Passion to Full-Time Influence. Dr. Harold spoke about parenting, marriage, our responsibility to develop as all God wants us to be, and shared deep and painful memories of his childhood, when he experienced rejection.

Episode #22 - Featuring Faith Smalling

Faith is a poet, illustrator, ghost writer, and speaker. Faith spoke from the heart about the difficult journey she has traveled through abuse, homelessness, and the loss of her children through death. Yet, despite all of her despair, Faith holds a strong belief in God and the power of prayer.

Episode #21 - Featuring Caryl McAdoo

Multi-published author Caryl McAdoo has written non-fiction, historical and contemporary romantic Christian fiction, Biblial fiction, and mid-grade novels. Caryl shared God’s amazing intervention in her writing journey and how he led her and her husband through a dark struggle. Caryl talked about the themes she conveys in her books.

Episode #20 - Featuring Cherie Burbach

Cherie is the Friendship Expert and author of 100 Simple Ways to Have More Friends. She shared key aspects of relationships and friendships, the messages she conveys through her writing, why faith is such an important element in her life, and how it has helped her through dark times and back to light.

Episode #19 - Featuring Christy Brunke

Christy is the author of Snow Out of Season, a novel that touches on the issues of marriage, SIDS, crisis pregnancy, and pro-life vs pro-choice. Christy shared some fo the adventures God sent her on prior to her career as an author and talked about why she chose to tackle the topics she did in her debut novel.

Episode #18 - Featuring Debbie Hardy

Author, speaker, and “Queen of Resilience” Debbie Hardy shared lessons God has taught her through her experience with the loss of her husband to cancer and the importance of forgiving her abusive father. Author of Free to be Fabulous: 100 Ways to Look and Feel Younger – at 40, 50, and Beyond—, Debbie shared tips that help her feel younger in her 60’s than she did at 39!

Episode #17 - Featuring Kathryn "MIss Kathy" Ross

Kathryn ”Miss Kathy” Ross shared her passion for quality education and spreading the word of God through the creative venue of story. She spoke about the concept of Principle Approach education and emphasized the importance of teaching our children and grandchildren who they are as God’s creations. Pageant Wagon Publishing has lots of exciting projects in progress!

Episode #16 - Featuring Paula Moldenhauer

Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer encourages others to be released into full potential through freedom in Christ and the empowerment of God’s grace. Paula shared her journey from self-perceived failure in God’s eyes to a person of faith, flourishing in His love and grace. Listen to Puala’s tips on how to breathe in the fragrance of God in 2016!

Episode #15 - Featuring Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn is wife and mother to rodeo bullfighters and an award wnning author. She explained what the rodeo arena and real cowboys are truly like, shared how she has learned to trust the faithfulness of God’s promises, and talked about the message she conveys in her writing endeavors.

Episode #14 - Featuring Allen Arnold

Allen Arnold, founder of Thomas Nelson Fiction, currently leads Content & Resources for Ransomed Heart Ministries (led by John Eldredge). Allen shared his passion for storytelling in partnership with the Creator and how to develop an awakened heart that nourishes that partnership.

Episode #13 - Featuring Gail Kittleson

Gail is the author of the memoir Catching Up With Daylight and her recently released WWII women’s fiction work, In This Together.Gail shared the insecurities that kept her from launching her writing career on a full time basis for so many years and how she learned to overcome them.

Episode #12 - Featuring M K

MK has traveled to twenty countries sharing the message of hope, healing and restoration. She spoke about how important her message is to the citizens of third world countries and how it has changed and has the potential to change lives in dramatic ways.

Episode #11 - Featuring Delores Liesner

Delores is the author of Be the Miracle, a collection of stories the author has experienced that demonstrate that God’s miraculous power is still at work in the world. Delores shared her life experiences and ways we can be the miracle in the lives of others.

Episode #9 - Featuring Stephanie Schureman

Stephanie is an author and the founder of Dwelling Place Ministries, which offers conferences and classes to those wishing to deepen their understanding of God’s word and develop their ministry gifts.?? She is also an international speaker and teacher. Stephanie shared ways she brings the word of God to others and lessons He has taught her on her journey.

Episode #8 - Featuring Terry Brennan

Author, Pulitzer prize winning journalist, and Chief Administrative Officer of Care for the Homeless in New York City Terry Brennan shared obstacles he has faced while navigating through his three highly successful careers. His story attests to the faithfulness of God to those who truly seek to follow His will.

Episode #7 - Featuring Susan Baganz

An author and acquisitions editor, ?Susan shared her writing journey, why she writes romance that deals with tough life issues, and what romance really means within the framework of God’s plan. Susan also spoke about her duties as an acquisitions editor and what she expects from a submitted manuscript.

Episode #6 - Featuring Gayle Irwin

An author and speaker, Gayle M. Irwin shared her passion for companion animals and the pet-human bond. She familiarized listeners with her books, based on her experiences with her pets, and her speaking mnistry. Gayle informed listeners of ways they can assist with pet rescue and Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Month.

Episode #5 - Featuring Reverend Joanne White

Reverend Joanne White, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Saranac Lake, N. Y., recently returned from sabbatical to Scotland. Pastor White shared the meaning of her pastorship and how her sabbatical to Scotland facilitated spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Episode #4 - Featuring Dr. Aleta You

Aleta is an author and retired higher education administrator who has studied, researched, and taught the Bible for most of her adult life. Author of Biblical Solutions for Daily Living, Aleta shared her journey from knowing about God to a knowledge of Him as her personal Lord and Savior.

Episode #3 - Featuring Kelly Hall

Kelly is a speaker, blogger, and the author of Courageous Faith, a Bible study that empowers women to claim the promises of God. Kelly shared the inspiring story of triumph over her struggles as the young wife of a military husband confronted with the special needs of three of her four children.

Episode #2 - Featuring Chaplain Bob Ossler

Bob serves the public in many different capacities, including firefighter, EMT, and chaplain. Bob shared many of his experiences in emergency situations, including on scene at some of America’s most horrific tragedies and where he has found God’s light in the midst of suffering’s darkness. Bob has a 9/11 completed work awaiting publication contract.

Episode #1 - Featuring Carolyn Sherrow

Author Carolyn Sherrow spoke about her experience with dissociative disorder precipitated by her exposure to ritual abuse as a young child. Carolyn is an author who has a three book series in various stages of crafting and publication.